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Elevate your skills and professional prowess with our diverse range of training courses. Whether you're diving into the intricacies of media relations, refining your interview techniques, gaining insights into the machinery of government, or mastering strategic planning, our offerings cater to various professional needs.

Developing a Good Contact Program

Refine your contact program development skills with our specialized training. Explore strategic government engagement, optimal communication order, the significance of champions, and effective check-in strategies. Elevate your proficiency confidently through our comprehensive "Developing a Good Contact Program" training, including a hands-on workshop.

Anatomy of a Briefing Note

Master the essentials of briefing notes with our focused training, covering generation processes, key components, and the importance of brevity. Gain comprehensive insights and confidently hone your skills in crafting effective briefing notes through our streamlined "Anatomy of a Briefing Note" program, which includes a practical drafting workshop.

Lobbyist Registration Acts

Efficiently understand lobbyist registration with our focused training. Covering the definition of a lobbyist, types, and registration requirements, this program provides essential insights for compliance. Elevate your understanding confidently with this streamlined "Lobbyist Registration Acts" training.

How To Tips for the Reluctant Manager

Effortlessly navigate management with our concise "How-To Tips for the Reluctant Manager" training. Covering leadership skills, effective people management, collaboration building, and team growth, this program provides practical insights for success. Elevate your managerial approach confidently with this streamlined training.

Introduction to Market Research

Learn the basics of market research with our focused "Introduction to Market Research" training. Covering various types, including opinion polling, surveys, focus groups, and market studies, this program provides a comprehensive understanding of research methodologies. Elevate your skills confidently with this streamlined and comprehensive training.

Strategic Planning 101

Grasp the essentials of strategic planning with our focused "Strategic Planning 101" training. Covering the core elements—what, who, when of a strategic plan, Values, Vision, Mission, SMART goals, and implementation plans—this program provides practical insights for effective planning and execution. Elevate your strategic thinking confidently with this streamlined and comprehensive training.

Government Relations

Gain a comprehensive understanding of government through our training. Covering branches, decision-making, and roles of politicians, advisors, civil servants, and stakeholders, this program offers insights into key dates and election processes. Master the essentials efficiently, from understanding roles to navigating decision-making cycles. Elevate your understanding of government dynamics confidently with this focused training.

Interview Preparation

How do you develop a key message and stick to it in a tough interview under extensive questioning? How do you bridge from a tough question to your message without seeming evasive? With our training, you can master these skills and more to put your best foot forward.

Media Basics

Refine your communication skills with our succinct "Media Basics" training in New Brunswick. Master responding to reporter calls, navigate interviews seamlessly, and enhance your messaging. Gain practical readiness for diverse media interactions and elevate your communication with confidence through our streamlined program.

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