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Porter O’Brien works in this space every day. Promotion of your goods and services is vital for your survival in the marketplace. Our experienced hand can guide you through both good times and more difficult days. Let us help you craft a marketing plan that will create, implement and sustain your brand.

Event Management

We have organised conferences with hundreds of delegates and media events for niche audiences and everything in between. The logistics of planning these events are complex and important. You can rely on us to ensure your event is professionally delivered and leaves attendees with a positive feeling about your organization.

Marketing Strategy

What makes your product or service unique and compelling? Who is your audience and how can you reach them? What tools should be used to build awareness of your company? What is the most effective way to spend within your budget? These questions are answered in a good marketing strategy. We have crafted marketing strategies of all sizes, from four-figure budgets to seven-figure budgets.


There are many channels through which you can advertise. Television, radio, print, billboards and other out-of-home mediums, and various digital platforms. We have experience developing creative content and allocating advertising spending across the right channels to reach your target audience.

Market Research & Analysis

We can undertake a research-driven analysis of your current market or a potential market by studying publicly available information. We also undertake interviews and surveys of market participants to build a picture of what a marketplace looks like, including its competitiveness, pricing and makeup. We have done this work for major corporations enabling them to make evidence-based decisions on whether to enter, expand or leave markets.

Brand Development

Many people do judge a book by its cover. How your business is perceived depends largely on how it presents itself. You need a professional look and made-to-fit tone that is consistent across your operations. We can develop logos, slogans and most importantly how-to brand guidebooks to help you and your employees put your best foot forward.

Polling & Focus Groups

Both objective and soft data can provide you with unique and sometimes surprising insights into the views of your stakeholders. We have many years of experience in developing questions, arranging surveys, undertaking analysis and applying lessons learned to go-forward strategies.

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