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Government Affairs

To many in the private sector, government is an enigma. To many in the public sector, it is a struggle to find consultants who understand how government works.  Our partners both worked their way from the junior ranks of the civil service to the deputy minister level and book-ended that experience with work in the private sector.  This enables them to have a unique understanding into the differences and complementary points between government and industry.

Government Relations

We know how government works. Its decision-making processes can be complex and cumbersome, but we know how to work through them. Whether you want to change government policy or stop government from implementing a bad idea, we know the steps you have to take to achieve success.

Parliamentary Strategy

You have a stake in a bill or motion before a legislative body but do not know what to do about it. We know how the caucus process functions, are experts in parliamentary procedure, and can provide you advice on how to speed up, slow down or stop a legislative initiative.

Funding Applications

Many organizations aren’t taking full advantage of subsidies and other funding available from the Federal and their Provincial Governments. Our consultants can perform an exhaustive opportunity scan and assist your organization in completing government funding applications.

Policy Development

We have many years of experience in crafting government briefing notes, memorandum to cabinet and even drafting legislation. We can assist government officials through the outsourcing of this work, or help private industry better advance their ideas by putting them into a form and format that governments understand and can put into action.

Committee Preparation

We have prepared dozens of individuals for testimony and questioning before government and quasi-judicial bodies. These intense and unique encounters require poise, detailed knowledge and excellent bridging messages. We can prepare you to be confident, convincing and successful.

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