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Public Relations & Communications

A good story told well is a powerful motivator.

We help clients refine their message and deploy strategies that get their stories heard.

Our team knows how to build trust for your organization...and how to respond when things go South.

Crisis Communications & Issues Management

Crises happen quickly and require support through all stages, from response to recovery. Porter O’Brien excels in risk management. We can help you identify threats to your reputation, diagnose problems and recommend strategies to safeguard your brand. Our team also has significant experience working in high-profile situations and are prepared to quickly mobilize to act effectively on your behalf.

Media Relations

Media relations is a cornerstone of our Agency.

Our team is supported by professionals with decades of newsroom experience. We know first-hand what the media needs to pull together stories that will resonate with the public.
Do you have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it? Let us help.

Through our communications and policy experts, as well as our network of local and national journalists, we can help you analyze the news cycle and find the right pitch to land the positive coverage you need.

Media Training

Are you someone who interacts frequently with the media or acts as a spokesperson for an organization or business? Media interviews can be a challenging experience, but it does not have to be. We can help prepare you to best represent your brand, answer tough questions confidently and get your message across to a broad audience. A media appearance can be a valuable opportunity to educate and inform the public. We can give you the skills to take advantage of it.

Stakeholder Relations

From neighbours who do not like your development project to shareholders who are dissatisfied with a proposed new investment; or supply chain partners that are disappointed with your last joint venture, we can help. We can identify pain points and develop strategies to collaborate with stakeholders effectively, reduce conflict and heal divisions.

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