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Public Relations & Communications

Do you want to build or enhance your organization’s reputation?

Maybe you need to protect it.

This is where Porter O’Brien’s experience in public relations can be employed for you. Receiving good media exposure can be difficult.    You need a firm that can analyze your organization, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positive media stories.

Issues Management

There is an issue brewing and the media and your community and your stakeholders are interested. How should you manage this issue, communicate effectively and address it without negatively impacting your reputation? We can diagnose the issue quickly and recommend strategies to help you protect your interests.

Media Relations

We know the media and how they think. One of our partners was a journalist for a decade and both have worked in media relations with journalists across Canada. Do you have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it? Or you can’t convince the media to cover it? We can help.

Media Training

How do you develop a key message and stick to it in a tough interview under extensive questioning? How do you bridge from a tough question to your message without seeming evasive? With our training, you can master these skills and more to put your best foot forward.

Communications Support

Our talented roster of communications professionals can integrate into your organization’s existing communications structure, helping to produce all kinds of content that sets your organization above its competitors.

Crisis Communications

Something has gone very wrong, or so it seems. You could be facing accusations with legal and reputational implications, your company’s flagship product may have failed, your business may be coping with disaster. Dozens of media calls are coming in. We have faced these challenges many times and can ramp up in hours.

Stakeholder Relations

You have neighbours who do not like your development project, or shareholders who are dissatisfied with a proposed new investment or supply chain partners that are disappointed with your last joint venture. We can identify pain points and develop strategies to reduce emotion and heal divisions.

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