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Management Consulting

A strategic management plan sets a direction for an organization helping to achieve objectives.

We have crafted strategies for narrow issues and entire enterprises in both the public and private sectors. Producing a strategy may seem daunting but with our training and experience, it can be a seamless and painless process.

Strategic Planning

Every organization whether a large publicly traded corporation, a small business, a not-for-profit, a government agency, or anything in between should have a strategic plan. Strategic plans should have a 3-5 year span and effectively lay out the value, vision, and mission statements, combine those with the environment in which you operate, and set clear goals with clear measurements and implementation strategies.

Organizational Design

Who should report to whom? How many employees should a manager manage? How much management is too much or too little? We have led countless organizational reviews, designs, and redesigns and are experts in answering these questions and building an organizational structure that will be effective and efficient for your organization.

Change Management

Too often employees and stakeholders complain that there wasn’t enough communication leading into and through a big change. We know how to identify the biggest fears triggered by change and to help people understand, accept and embrace the need for change.

Project Management

Our Project Managers accept and anticipate project risk. Our firm is flexible enough in both our project approach and resource allocation to address unforeseen challenges quickly and efficiently. We understand that opportunities can arise from the unexpected if projects are managed efficiently and professionally.

Process Improvement

“We’ve always done it that way” is the enemy of innovation, growth, and increased profitability. Change is tough but it is almost always necessary. We have experience in “rightsizing” organizations and in reducing budgets without necessarily reducing personnel. We can analyze a procedure and find ways to make it quicker, cheaper, and more effective.

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