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Lynden Transport Inc.

We effectively navigated an imminent sanction threat against Lynden Transport Inc., a U.S. logistics company in Canada, due to a CBSA policy change.

Lynden Transport Inc. faced an imminent threat of sanction due to a change in CBSA policy interpretation involving freight and driver regulations. Our team at Porter O’Brien quickly deployed to understand the intent of the new interpretation, assess Lynden’s role in the interpretation, and design a pathway to resolution. We prepared a strategy to resolve the conflict with CBSA authorities, while concurrently developing a government relations campaign targeting key elected officials of affected provincial, state, and federal governments and a ‘break-glass’ public-relations campaign to deploy if internal talks with the agency soured.

Alongside the company’s subject matter experts, we drafted proposals that met a complex, technical threshold that both achieved the goals of widespread policy reform at the CBSA and allowed the company’s operations to continue. Our professionalism and command of the process were noted as strengths in getting things done, which can be challenging at times. We are proud to have helped Lynden Transport Inc. work through a difficult challenge that required an understanding of the governance process.

As Paul Grimaldi, President of Lynden Transport, Inc. said, “The professionalism and command of the process from you and your team is also noted as a strength in getting things done which at times can be a challenge. I would recommend Porter O'Brien's services to anyone looking to expediently and professionally work through a difficult challenge that requires the understanding of the governance process.”

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