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ARC Clean Technology

Advancing financial support for sustainable clean technology with ARC Clean Technology.

Porter O’Brien was proud to support ARC Clean Technology by executing a contact program with key political and bureaucratic decision-makers and influencers to build awareness and support for their ARC-100 project.

The overarching project aimed to secure support for the ARC-100 project by orchestrating an outreach campaign targeting influential decision makers. This multifaceted initiative involved the identification of potential funding sources, provision of guidance on application content, and active lobbying of influencers at various stages of the funding application process.

The goal was to build awareness, secure support, and advance the realization of the ARC-100 within the realm of sustainable clean technology.

ARC Clean Technology was subsequently successful in spearheading the commercialization of its SMR unit by engaging with pivotal government programs such as the Strategic Innovation Fund and diverse Natural Resources Canada initiatives.

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